Routers For A Mudroom

$30 outdoor bench with floating night stands Make a wooden box with ease

Dissolve polish in rather high-capacity. Nearby put a smooth plate or a level.

After a primer of roughness eliminate with a fine-grained emery paper or a hank of a thin steel wire.

Polishing oil easily is removed gasoline. However it is better to make it a pure rag. However, time should spend more, but any harm to health.

On it fill a little pumiceous powder. Impregnate a tampon with the divorced polish, slightly dip it in powder and apply the turned-out pastelike mix on wood.

The primer (it also call a firm basis) is put with a uniform layer a big brush, carrying out it in the direction of wood fibers.

Yields good results at preliminary cleaning tsiklya — if it is faultlessly ground. On it there should not be an agnail which can leave scratches on a tree surface.

Polishing is begun with a wood surface vyranivaniye. For this purpose use tsiklyu or a fine-grained emery paper.

The primer is put with an even layer in the direction of wood fibers. It is necessary to consider that the covering dries quickly enough. Therefore that the layer of a primer was not too thick, it is necessary to put it as soon as possible, differently it is necessary to clean superfluous polishing, and it not only additional, but also very labor-consuming operation at which mechanical damages of a tree are possible.

Work as Tsiklya only in the direction of wood fibers. If at a tsiklevaniye of shaving turn out different thickness, so tsiklyu it is necessary to grind that its cutting edge became evenly sharp.

Let's a primer dry, that is to harden. Even if after a while the tree surface to the touch seems dry, it is necessary to wait twelve hours before passing to the following stage of processing.

The following stage of processing is decisive. Mix is applied on the grounded surface from the liquid polish (divorced solvent) and pumiceous powder in the ratio 1:1.

From the ground surface it is necessary to remove carefully dust, especially after work as a hank of a thin steel wire that did not remain parts of metal. Otherwise through some time they can rust, and it will lead to change of color of polishing.