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Hot to make a plywood desk with minimal tools

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After the place under a stolyarka is equipped, the master needs to see to it about existence of all necessary tool for a woodwork. Beginners of this business sometimes should make difficult a choice for this or that adaptation and they buy many excess tools, losing sight of the most important without which qualitatively it will be difficult to perform work. Not to make similar mistakes, experts recommend to get a special set in a suitcase. It consists of the most important adaptations and is conveniently stored, without taking a lot of place.

All of them differ in the price and a complete set therefore it is important to pay attention to that the following tools entered a set.

About what has to be the minimum set of joiner's instrumet for the beginner, see in video below.

Today in the market it is possible to meet sets of both domestic, and foreign producers.

Thanks to such set it is possible to execute any kind of joiner's works, without limiting the opportunities.

One of the main components of a joiner's set is also the plane. To its choice it is necessary to treat with heavy responsibility, paying attention to the following indicators.

Today to widespread sets for joiners who received good comments, carry such sets.