Remodeling A Bathroom For Small Space

Using jigs to make a basic box The best brackets to make a side table

What will you advise those who wants to try creation of the first jewelry, but for some reason does not decide (for example, is afraid, what will not turn out)?

Here then I also understood that for me this very interesting occupation, and started creating the first collections of jewelry.

For me this pleasant, interesting hobby which also brings in the small income of what it is possible to dream!

Music is a little, sport, generally to listen and hurt is a little)))

True story about that as well as why actually I was fond of production of jewelry from valuable breeds of a tree.

What plans for development of your creativity at you? Perhaps, combination of new materials, creation of new collections or new types of jewelry.

And still Vyacheslav shared the history out of interview, and it is also very interesting to learn it!

They delighted, constantly receiving by holidays my works as a gift!)))

Still development of my hobby was promoted by two factors. One my acquaintance was engaged in production of mosaic elements for a parquet from valuable breeds of a tree its "recycle bin" in which it threw out unnecessary scraps of valuable breeds, became for me in truth "gold"! And still was rather free time out of the main work - production of construction and finishing materials from a tree demand on which always was seasonal therefore there were periods when it was not simple works.

All new jewelry was always more difficult previous, and the latest, it in general a call to themselves, to think up something very difficult, and to make! Soon I plan to complicate even more the works and to expand a circle of the buyers!