Packing Boxes For Wood Pallets

Easy to make two chairs from one sheet

The simplest and available material at the price for independent production of such bed attic is, of course, laminated by a chipboard.

Ideal planning for small-sized apartments – to raise a berth in the room that under it to place something else. By such principle the bed podium, with the extensive system of storage hidden under a bed is projected. And, of course, the children's bed an attic to make the hands which it is not so difficult. If it is correct to choose model.

The dimensional sizes are defined only by the size of the necessary berth (or that is available if the nursery space is limited). Height of a bed attic has to be slightly higher than the standard height of a desk – 75 cm.

The design at self-made furniture from a bar quite original and not always fits into an interior of the modern apartment. More habitual to see more habitual models made of MDF, the massif and the laminated chipboard in the conditions of rooms.

More you should not do as it will be heavy to child to use them. But in principle, why is also not present.

I will provide drawings and schemes with sizes on a bed attic for children from LDSP which can be made the hands.

Let's take as an example option when there is a mattress of a children's bed of 1600700 mm. The berth taking into account thickness of sidewalls of a bed has to make 1650750 mm.

Make beds attics the hands of various materials. The bar, plywood, a tree and, of course, laminated by a chipboard and MDF are in the lead.

At some point the idea was picked up by many producers, something was changed in design and a design. But the main modules, their arrangement and internal filling remained former.

It is just necessary to be ready to that the box will not be rolled out completely, after all length of the biggest directing is equal 550 mm.