Packing Boxes For Home Decor

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In this case it is enough to make only an internal framework for fastening of a table-top and a door. To involve more useful space, it is better to make a bedside table in all width of a balcony. It is simplest to make a design without sliding cases, only with a door of oar type. It is caused by that for installation directing under boxes in this case it is necessary to mount sidewalls.

To paste over face sites of the used material, the thermoshrinkable film and the iron is used. Further, the marking of constructional elements, which material becomes: A chipboard – for internal elements, LDSP – for external details.

This closed product with one door and, as a rule, the only drawer. Such designs can be involved in any room and for different tasks.

Important feature of this option consists in need of preparation of openings at identical distance from both parties. For fastening of wooden elements of a design furniture self-tapping screws (the 4th piece/panel) are used.

The shelf in a curbstone, a socle of a product have to be less general width of a design on the value equal to the sum of two thickness of the sheet chipboard. Width of a facade of a box and door of a bedside table has to correspond to the equivalent size of a curbstone.

At the final stage it is necessary to fix handles, and also to sew up all thinnesses with finishing material. The made bedside table the hands on a balcony is characterized by a number of advantages: economy of space, smaller amount of materials, so, and decrease in expenses on production of a design.