Packing Boxes For A Screw

Understanding workbenches for bedrooms

In the previous actions you pressed Ctrl to become exact in the left or right point of dimensions, and the Gap for change of a point of a binding of the panel.

To change a database of materials, it is necessary to press the Change the List button. There will be a dialog box shown in drawing. In the top part three lists are located: Material, Type of material and Thickness. It is also full base of materials. It is possible to add or remove any material or a type of material or its thickness. We will illustrate addition with the following example.

If you wish to build further a bedside table - pass to the following section.

It is necessary to bring the chipboard new color - green. In the Material list it is necessary to choose line chipboard. To become a mouse on the Type of Material list and to left-click. The list will become active (the active list is indicated by the button and color of the list becomes white).

Press a combination of the Alt/Y keys. The window of coordinate of Y will become active. Enter number 70 and press the Enter key. The panel will move to the necessary point.

For a task of material of the panel the Material Choice button serves. After its pressing there will be a dialog box:

The current contents of local base of materials are presented in the lower part of a dialog box. For addition of material in a local database it is necessary to emit necessary Material, the Type of material and Thickness and to press the button. After that the chosen material is added to local base of materials. If it is necessary to remove material from local base, it is necessary to make it active and to press the right button of a mouse. In the appeared drop-down menu to select the Remove item. The current material in local base of materials will be removed.

Here it is necessary to explain purpose of some keys which were used or will be used in the future.

The small database of material, to you enters delivery of system, of course, it is necessary to specify contents of this base in relation to your production. The list of materials shown in a dialog box is the working list from which the choice of material of the current panels is carried out. Choose material chipboard a beech of 16 mm.