Nightstands From A Single 2х4

Choosing pilot hole size for small space Garden bench build with a sliding lid

That the bench was not such low (if you wish) it is possible to make underfoot bars higher – to hammer together together at once some pieces of a bar – to put them at each other a turret and to fix from the inside a board (that all kept together) or without board simply on a nail.

And here still simple model of a country bench. Simplicity at it not only in construct – but also in material. It is possible to make of one long cut board here such garden bench quickly and simply the hands.

And still it is possible to make of carved bokovushka interesting RACK BENCHES. At them the round seat with smooth outlines and the curved line of a back turns out.

One photo lower we see just such bench, convenient for giving.

We cut a board on pieces necessary to us. Also we collect a bench on bolts, screws or nails.

It can be added with armrests, to cover with noble dark wood stain, or paint of bright juicy color.

The seat in such bench keeps on the LEVELS filled under it from the inside of sidewalls.

We see the drawing from lateral face. Length of a back and seat – on your choice.

To such bench at dacha you can make and a little table for provisions. Or usual panel board bench.

And this garden bench too is made of thick boards by the same principle.

Boards which you cut out for SIDEWALLS of your bench on giving – can have SMOOTH ROUNDISH LINES. Then the bench can become the real work of art – your creative work.

The back leans below – on the same level as a seat, and above on the level filled vertically along spinkovy part izognutykh bokovushka.

BOARDS for a bench can be BROUGHT DOWN (that is not integral, and to consist their boards closed with each other by a level-permychkoy). The simple country bench with a photo below just shows this way.

Let's look at the drawing of this country bench. We see that all corners at scraps of a board imt an inclination in 30 or 60 degrees. The sizes on the drawing are specified in inches. One inch is equal 2,54 cm.