Making Bedinge Chair No1 With Support Frame

Basic set of tools for beginners 01

For connection of details it is applied not only the screw gun with self-tapping screws, but also special glue to joiner's business. If there is a need, the product is supplied with armrests from a bar which too have to be folding.

Production of a bench for giving will require not enough time therefore before working process it is necessary to take care of preparation of improvised materials, including tools:

For a bench it is possible to provide the special basis executed from a brick or a stone.

The usual bench will allow to create a cosiness on a garden site, the hands to make this subject of country furniture absolutely simply. It is pleasant to everyone to spend free time in the bosom of the family. Why not to make it on a usual garden bench?

Assembly of a product is carried out on the basis of the scheme which has to be carefully studied. Drawings facilitate implementation of working process of creation of a transforming bench for giving. After carrying out the operations described above it is necessary to track that the bench was steady. It has to develop and be displayed easily. This design will not take a lot of place, it can be put anywhere. All boards and whetstones are required to be ground well, and the product can be varnished and painted.

For the basis device under a bench the trench which depth makes 10 cm is prepared. In it crushed stone is fallen asleep with sand which are carefully rammed at the constant passage by water. From above the substrate is concreted and smoothes out.

Among expendables it is possible to note wood, self-tapping screws and an emery paper.

This base for beautiful benches can be made peculiar, having executed finishing with use of a front tile which is in harmony with a general view of a product.