Making A Christmas Star With Fingerprint Lock

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It is possible to hang up a wall locker for the most necessary things in a toilet, and it is possible to build a design to hide pipes. It is important that the furniture in a toilet successfully supplemented the general interior of the room and corresponded to color scale of the room.

It is possible to call a hinged locker in a toilet, perhaps, the most successful choice for sanitary rooms. Mount such designs directly over a toilet bowl, also it can be the built-in locker in a niche. At a choice of such model it is necessary to consider that hinged modular systems should not reach a toilet bowl or a tank.

To build shelves, a hinged case or a case it is possible independently. From that, the locker size, its color was how correctly chosen, the end result of work depends. The furniture in a toilet has to be beautiful, convenient and functional. Usually the toilet has the small sizes therefore the furniture should not be bulky and volume visually not to take away and so small space of the room.

The case in a toilet can be put on a floor, to hang up on a wall, one of interesting by option is the built-in case. Harmoniously the products made the hands, which are picked up under the general style of the room in quiet color scale look.

It is necessary to agree that the locker in the bathroom will be very convenient and practical subject for this room.

Before work it is necessary to choose the pleasant model, and to draw a detailed plan of work. For production of a case in a toilet it is necessary to make the drawing with detailed measurements. There are many options of shelves and lockers for sanitary rooms, among them it is necessary to choose that will be suitable for the concrete room.

At a choice of model it is necessary to consider feature of a design, namely: