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For preprocessing it is recommended to put two layers, for updating of a surface — one butter layer suffices.

This colourless oil is applied on the smoothed-out wooden surface in two layers by means of a sponge or a brush. For giving of a color shade to oil of Tikkuril for a terrace board the kolorant is recommended to add. Increases adhesive properties when painting old surfaces. It is used for any type of wood.

For a floor covering it is better to buy oil for a terrace board of Osmo with addition of natural wax: it will give to a surface additional durability.

To decorate colourless composition of oil for terrace doskimozhno by means of addition of kolorant.

It is used for all types of usual and valuable wood.

This product about addition of antibacterial components well is suitable for a tree of soft breeds which especially need deep impregnation.

The structure can be put with a sponge, a brush or an airbrush. The product differs in durability, on a surface of a covering does not form a crust.

The protective — prevent rotting, defeat by a fungus and a mold, premature destruction of structure of wood. The product with addition of biocides and active agents is necessary for you.

Tree — resistant and durable material which, nevertheless, needs protection. Oil for a terrace board will provide to a wooden flooring and an upholstery durability and an attractive look.

You should define purpose of a product: functional, decorative or protective.

Apply oils on the basis of natural and synthetic components to processing of wood. The natural product is recommended to be applied to the internal room or to gloss giving. A large amount of wax in structure gives bright luster and gloss. But consider that the cost of such production will be the highest.

The colourless structure with silky and opaque effect differs in environmental friendliness and safety in operation. It is applied in nurseries and the hospital organizations, cafe and the open areas of restaurants.

Functional characteristics increase wear resistance and preservation of geometry of a tree.