Make A Wooden Safe To Make An Outdoor Sofa

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The last are used for a design fastening. They are called still euroscrews.

You should not forget that beautiful mattresses are necessary for a children's bunk bed. They cost expensive, of course. If similar mattresses appear it is too expensive, it is possible to get simple option with a wadded filler.

Anyway it is impossible to put to bed on the second circle of the kid till three years.

Backs of such bunk bed are made of integral details. The same concerns boards and floorings. Order these plates of a chipboard of the necessary size in joiner's shop. There they will be made the necessary color and in the demanded parameters, and also will decorate all end faces of plates.

The product of the second type gathers from plates of a chipboard. Such design will look as a result it more beautiful, however expenses and the made efforts considerably will grow.

Boards will have the similar sizes. They will be necessary only for the top circle. Dimensions of long front details (2 pieces) - 0,4 m x 1,8 m.

The size of a berth of a children's bed is defined by standard dimensions of mattresses. As a rule, it is 16070 cm. There are transforming beds providing lengthening of a berth in process of growth of the child.

Now it is necessary to decide on the sizes. Design backs let will be 1,8 m high and 0,8 m wide (everyone on 2 pieces). Plate thickness standard - 16 mm. Below it is necessary to provide basic plastic linings which are beaten by small carnations.