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In the market it is possible to find a huge amount of different materials today, but not all of them are suitable for assembly of furniture in a bathroom. The most important point for this room — it, of course, moisture resistance. Material has to not only to be steady against constantly damp air, but also is unreceptive to a direct hit of water. Thus, the basic of what do furniture for a bathroom is a tree with the corresponding impregnation, plastic and glass.

The tree which can be used for a framework and all details of a design, can be in the following look:

For assembly of a design you need a drill, shrupovert (or a usual screw-driver), sometimes a hammer and a wrench. It is better to enclose on something on a floor before making a case (fabric, a cardboard) not to damage preparation. On what it is necessary to pay attention:

From cosmetic elements it is possible to get corners for concealment of joints of a framework and face tapes for registration of saw cuts of LDSP.

Plastic is convenient in processing, but it is fragile, rather soft and not always esthetically pleasant material. It should be used not for a design framework, and for auxiliary elements. Glass is also very fragile, thus it heavy. Besides, glass fastening also relatively is more difficult, than other materials. It is better to use it for shelves or doors.

The separate attention is deserved by a table-top. Materials for its production – a board, LDSP, plastic or a stone. It is the most functional element therefore it has to be provided with reliable fastening and possess high durability.

Following these simple recommendations about a choice of materials, fixture and details, and also about features of assembly, you will be able to make in the shortest possible time an organizer, regiments, a curbstone, a floor case or a wall locker in a bathroom the hands. It should be noted that at the price it will leave cheaper, than a ready-made product, but you should not count on strong economy. It is better to choose material and accessories for the most comfortable use, but not for saving of means.

For additional fastening sometimes it is required to use corners, wooden shkant and moisture resistant glue. Necessary functional elements just for decoration in a bathroom: