Laminate Flooring Bookshelves With Pallets

How to make a desk with wood

The children's bed the hands will cost to parents a maximum 17 thousand.

Back and forward boards are filled with levels, fixed by glue. The near board becomes one third below than the distant. It is so more convenient to look after the kid. Openings of cross levels are filled with PVA glue. Then there wooden cores of a protection are inserted. Details have to enter each other densely, without any side plays. A square it is necessary to check correctness of corners. All corners have to be 90 degrees. Collected bokovushka are put on an equal surface before full drying of glue.

But if the kid has a large constitution, parameters of preparations can be changed in the big party.

During assembly works fixing screws should be twisted on the greatest possible depth that they were completely drowned. The formed deepenings are closed by caps later or covered with hard putty. The collected design needs to be strengthened special corners. Further the finished product becomes covered by a varnish or wax for a tree. If you decided to add a bed with castors, do not forget to make for them clamps.

But material of which the piece of furniture is made has to be the first factor in a bed choice for the child.

If you filled in in grooves a lot of adhesive substance, part it, of course, will come to light. There is nothing terrible as in the dried-up state glue easily is cut off by a knife. Further the remained panels which will serve as a headboard and a bedfoot fasten. They are fastened by screws with secret heads to bokovushka. Each screw needs to be drowned completely that their heads were not probed. Later these deepenings are covered with hard putty and ground. In operating time such tool is used: