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Bedroom decor projects with limited tools

The bed fastens by means of screw connections or metal corners to vertical racks. For reliability of a support are fixed by laths from end faces.

Whole wood, boards and planed levels will be necessary for production of a bed attic

There are some kinds of beds of garret type. The design can settle down on four support, fasten to a wall or a ceiling. The first option is the simplest in production. The bed is made of whole wood. The glued or calibrated board with a section of 40 mm, a bar of 5050 mm, planed levels 35 mm wide will be necessary for its production and 10 mm thick.

Having made vertical support of lateral elements, they should be coordinated a frame on perimeter to create a wooden roof. The last stage is fastening of a beam fad that will connect the bed lodge design basis the hands. After all details of a product are prepared, there comes the moment of their assembly. Previously each element is checked for existence of chips and dredging which are closed up by spackling mix, and the surface otshlifovyvatsya to a smooth state. Further all details are processed by a primer or wood stain. After their full drying the surface of products becomes covered with paint.

Good advice! That sharp edges of whetstones were not pressed into a mattress and did not damage its mattress cover cover, it is necessary to chamfer them.

Good advice! Having cut out products from a chipboard or MDF, it is necessary to paste over their surface with a paper adhesive tape which will prevent formation of chips.