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At desire you can make the case case of gypsum cardboard and thus hide it in a false wall. But we will consider the classical scheme of production of a sliding wardrobe with sidewalls.

As soon as collect a framework, can start installation of internal shelves, baskets and boxes, and also hooks and bars.

Choose the suitable drawing, proceeding from the sizes of the room, length of walls and proximity of doorways. Think over internal equipment of a case. According to the chosen sizes, make six basic elements of the case:

Do not forget to open a hall with a varnish, to attach handles and hooks.

The problem arising at creation of an angular hall is that careful calculations are required, the slightest mistake can cost the whole sheet of material. For a start it is necessary to take measurements and to check walls. If the surface of walls a curve not to do without the general framework. Otherwise walls can form you a basis to which it is possible to fasten regiments. The second option is more economic and simpler, but we will consider a separate case as ideally equal walls — it is a big rarity.