Jigsaw Fence To Build A Walnut Dining Table

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weakened by a frame or rebonding. The surface of each board has to be correctly planed and verified – the word, has to be without the slightest shortcoming as it by all means will be found after veneering.

At face longitudinal gluing together of the fugue are considerably stuck out therefore these surfaces of preparation should be pasted over with preliminary plywood.

In general, for a delicate work it was not recommended to use krupnosloisty wood (a fir-tree, a pine) because unequal shrinkage of soft and firm layers will surely affect flatness of finally trimmed plane. If it was impossible to avoid it, used or thicker plywood, or zafanerovyvat a surface preliminary plywood, simpler on which final plywood was already pasted.

The knots which are found in a tree need to be drilled by all means because a knot as firmer and cross layer at an usykhaniye of a tree will be stuck out by all means. The opening is filled with a stopper from wood of the same breed, reasonable on a layer with a board.

simple, assuming shrinkage and joint change of the linear sizes of a tree with plywood;

If in a tree there are such shortcomings as, for example, the pulled-out places, it is necessary to close up them: the big – an insert, and small are covered with glue mix with powdery coal.

For production of joiner's production it is necessary to choose strong wood of high density. It will allow not only to provide necessary rigidity of designs, but also will increase quality of its pasting. Sorting of timber according to qualitative characteristics can be carried out as directly at sawing plants – method of power sorting, and at the woodworking enterprises – by scanning of a surface of wood with use of methods of photometry or with application of laser, acoustic or x-ray defectoscopy.

For preparation of a surface it was recommended to use melkosloyny wood – an alder, a poplar or a birch.

Having planned the general course of preparation of the planes for veneer, we will specify those receptions by means of which it is possible to avoid difficulties.