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For a stone bench the basis can be executed from a stone, a brick, metal or a tree. The bench is made of a natural or artificial stone. In the form of a natural surface it is possible to use any integral piece which will get on sale. The main thing, its one surface has to be ideally equal, and the second can be adjusted easily during production of legs of a shop. The artificial stone plate can be made and it is independent, from concrete solution with an additive of small crushed stone or a marble crumb (for appearance), fittings and a special form (which can also be made independently). If to add special softeners for extreme climatic conditions to concrete solution, the ready stone will serve for many years.

Pay also attention to external finishing of a garden bench. Now modern producers offer a huge choice of various finishing coverings for any surfaces.

The basis of a garden bench can be made of a brick or any stone which from above can be trimmed with a front tile, same as on the house or an arbor. It will look very harmoniously and beautifully.

Before making a bench, it is necessary to provide conditions of its operation. If it is planned to make a stationary bench with the long term of use, its deepening to the earth is thought over, it is desirable on frost penetration depth, but it is not less than 40 cm. If the bench is transferred on a site or to hide for a winter season, it has to be the easiest and occupy a place minimum. So at this stage about the first stage the practicality and functionality of a product are considered. Usually bulky stationary benches make for application on big sites, and in small territories it is rational to place easy, figurative models which can be transferred to a recreation area at arrival of guests, and then to put in a quiet, secluded corner.

There is a wish not only to work at country sites for receiving a good harvest. There is a desire to admire fruits of the work, to admire a decline, to communicate with relatives and friends, and also to breathe fresh air. In order that to spend time on the country site with comfort it is necessary to get convenient garden furniture. A bench – ideal option for inexpensive and effective arrangement of a garden, decoration of a natural landscape and high-quality carrying out leisure.