Intro To Build Your Wooden Swing Set

Bending plywood to build a walnut dining table

I needed to build a small bench at myself at dacha. Came across this option. Quite the cheese. I have scraps of logs, on the drawing everything is clearly drawn, I will start.

Paint the design created thus in color necessary for you.

As one more improvised material for fast creation of a bench construction pallets can act.

For creation of such plain, but very elegant bench collect a framework from a bar of 5030 mm of such length what the seat of your bench has to have. For two people 120 mm there are enough. Attach to it backs of chairs as in drawing. For fastenings use long self-tapping screws.

Further fix a design a similar frame from a bar around the middle of legs of chairs — bases.

For creation of a design bench it is not obligatory to get material even if also the inexpensive at all. It is possible to make an excellent bench of improvised materials. For example, old wooden chairs.

The bench is ready! It is necessary to find it a suitable place and to take pleasure in result.

How to make a garden bench the hands of a tree. Video instruction.