Intro To Build An A Frame For A Porch Swing

Woodworking for the beginning diyer

Begin work with preparation of a chertyozh according to whom the design cut will be made. We offer you versions of ready drawings and schemes which you can use below.

For installation of backs it is necessary to make a groove. Its width is leveled 2,5 cm. Use a milling cutter or at its absence address to the joiner. Shkanta it is simpler to take ready, having chosen thus a drill of the corresponding diameter.

Previously having measured exact distance and level on levels, drill openings under shkant in end faces of levels. Control depth of immersion of a drill by means of the indicator attached on it.

These are ready legs for a bed. It was necessary only from to putty.

Below we will consider production process by the hands of a usual crib on legs with a headboard and a bedfoot. The option without shifts, does not mean especially difficult works and will not take a lot of time.

In this article we will tell as independently to make a crib for the child of preschool age and we will show step by step all process.

Before being engaged in acquisition of materials and tools for a children's bed from plywood or other materials, it is necessary to think over carefully all process of creation of this element of furniture, to understand basic elements.

Screws have to be well drowned in wood and are covered with hard putty. After drying of a product all roughnesses and joints are ground.

We begin work with production of legs. For this purpose we take in pairs preparations, exactly we stick together them and we twist self-tapping screws.

If the person has a desire, basic abilities, and also a set of simple tools, a children's bed the hands for it not a problem. Yes, it is possible to buy ready furniture for the child. But there is an option to save, having executed production of a berth for the kid independently.