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How to use the dewalt hand planer How to use a planer for beginning woodworkers

Council: if production of a bedside table took place successfully — it is time to test itself in creation of a dresser, table or even case!

The only thing, cardboard badly transfers the increased humidity. Therefore to do curbstones for a bathroom or from it it is not recommended to kitchen.

Curbstones belong to the most widespread furniture subjects. They meet in inhabited and non-residential premises, differ by the sizes, designs, appointment, production materials.

Reference: as the standard sizes of a curbstone are considered 560400650.

If necessary, plywood can be decorated an interline interval or a self-adhesive film. Also the curbstone from plywood can be covered with wood stain and to cover with paints and varnishes. This material perfectly copes with the raised moisture. Therefore, it is possible to do furniture in a bathroom, the dining room and kitchen of it.

So, having made the decision to collect a curbstone by own efforts, it is worth dealing with its materials of production. Best of all will be suitable for these purposes:

Choosing breed of a tree, it should be taken into account its appearance, technical characteristics and the financial opportunities.

But during the work with an oak, it is possible to meet difficulties. As it badly gives in to processing in house conditions.

As the most expensive are considered: oak, beech and black nut. The furniture from this wood belongs to the elite. It differs in exclusive appearance and durability.

Attention: at production of a curbstone we use LDSP, 16 mm thick.

The simple instruction how to make a bedside table the hands of improvised materials with a photo, drawings and councils

Competently made project of a furniture subject will become a guarantee of functionality and a practicality of a curbstone. Here it is important to think over sections for storage of sewing accessories, cut for storage of the machine and accessories, drawers and a folding table-top. If you are engaged in professional sewing, do not forget to think over also a place for storage of an overlok.

The beginning masters should pay attention to a birch or a pine. This timber has the low cost, attractive appearance and easily gives in to processing. Also people like to work with an ash-tree, a larch and a linden.

Most often, at production of a curbstone under the home equipment people use LDSP, plywood, a furniture board or the natural massif.