How To Use Pipe Clamps For Wood Working

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The lesson purpose means what will be? (to learn about their work, about tools which they use in work, secrets of carpenter's business, with one more work terrestrial).

(the plowman, the weaver, spoke about cultivation of pets)

To what people of a profession it is required? (builder, carpenter)

Words for a choice: diligence e, experience, laziness, responsibility, cunning, kindness, rage, sharpness, envy, cunning, love.

Why exactly today I asked to you this riddle? (They use this tool in work more often than others, this main instrument of labor for the carpenter)

Call modern names of these professions (the agronomist, the tailor, the seamstress)

– Our great-grandfathers bequeathed to us to build the life without the evil and hostility. What for this purpose we can make? How to execute their precept?

Saw constructions of master carpenters? Conversation about excursion.

Let's open the textbook of page 65 and we will get acquainted hardly master carpenters.

Resource circle (in a circle there are children of the central column, the others listen on a place)

– Listen attentively: kindness, love, beauty. Means, the carpenter works soul, as well as any other master.

How? (the saw and an axe are necessary at construction of the house.)