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4. We do a steady support of a cross lath and we fix it on a floor fasteners. Further we mount the top element by the similar principle. On cross laths further we will fix directing for facades.

In loggia space many will organize the storeroom. To avoid a disorder, it is better to think over convenient system of storage. In this article we will tell how to make a capacious case on a balcony the hands.

The volume sketch is made on preliminary measurements in three projections, comparing with the real room and bringing adjustments. On the final drawing specify all sizes which are necessary – thickness of HL, distances between regiments and partitions, case depth, etc.

Most often choose a pine as it is rather simple to work with this tree from timber.

1. On the eve of works we do preparations by the sizes. 2. We construct a framework – we mount basic beams, correcting situation by means of construction level.

7. We mount doors on rollers, achieving convenient opening, and we fasten handles-reylingi for doors.

3. We fix whetstones of the necessary length for future shelves (crossbeam);

Do not forget about dimensions of things which will be stored in a case to make the correct height of shelves.

The day before it is necessary to remove old finishing. At this stage we have to address constantly to the drawing, apply a marking on a floor surface, a ceiling and walls for creation of future design.

6. We cut doors, we paste over saw cuts with a special edge.