How To Use A Planer For Beginning Woodworkers

Make a wooden box with fingerprint lock Making a christmas star with ease

After measurements are made, the type of a case is chosen, the drawing is made, it is possible to get directly to work.

Pay attention! As the door of a case has to be easy, lining for it it is better to choose the thin.

After you were defined, what type of a case will be most convenient for you, it is necessary to start creation of the most exact drawing. Below some development, intended just for installation on a loggia or a balcony is offered to your attention:

The long case placed under a window along a balcony will contain even more things the High two-level case with oar doors and an added curbstone the Small locker under a window sheathed by plastic the Low case under a window, or the curbstone for a balcony will serve at the same time and a table the Complex decision: a high case with doors and open regiments along a loggia the Built-in angular case

The drill, the screw gun, screw-drivers, hammer, chisel and other tools will be necessary for you

Here can help out a framework from galvanized profiles, not subject to deformation at the increased humidity. To it plywood, gypsum cardboard, a chipboard and other materials easily fastens.

The beginner without effort will cope with this case even. The following materials will be necessary for you for its production:

Having studied the presented drawings, you without effort will make the project, having changed or having added some parameters according to the sizes of your balcony.