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Beginner's guide to tape moving boxes

As a filler use bird's down, natural wool, grechishny pod, a hollofayber, latex. The last three options the best on elasticity. At selection of fabric material the preference should be given to the natural fiber processed by antiseptics. It is better to choose models at which the cover is clasped by a lightning, then it is possible to control a condition of a filler.

Process of a construction of a product will be similar to preparation and assembly of a usual single children's bed. Here it is necessary to provide not feet, and sidewalls and intermediate partitions on which the directing will fasten. Also it should be taken into account that fact that the gap between a floor and a bottom of a tray has to make not less than 1 cm.

For newborns the design of a bed has to differ a little. Its standard size makes 12060 cm, on achievement of 3 years by the kid it will become for it rather small. When planning it should be taken into account possibility of regulation of height of a bed. When the child small, him it is convenient to arrange above and as soon as he learns to get up, for safety the bottom should be lowered.

For a comfortable dream of the baby, parents, neighbors, it is worth providing one removable lateral or face wall that will allow to arrange it near parental in a bed. The distance between rods on all perimeter is done within 2,5 – 6 cm. These are the optimum sizes at which the child will not be able to jam fingers or to push the head. You should not forget about durability of a product, good fixing of removable elements.