How To Making A Bed With Plywood

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As an alternative metal can apply wooden whetstone. At appropriate connection and accuracy of adjustment he can quite compete with a metal framework in durability as loading is static and does not assume neither pushes, nor change of the direction of effort. As one more advantage of a wooden framework it is possible to consider ease of processing of wood, possibility of effective gluing together and reliability of connections. It is possible to rank the big thickness of whetstones in comparison with metal details as shortcomings.

The strong basis capable to maintain big constant loading will be required. Most often for this purpose the support made of materials of sufficient thickness to cope with the weight of a full aquarium and not to be deformed is used. The curbstone under an aquarium the hands will help to solve an installation problem if there is a possibility of its production. It is possible to apply plywood, MDF, a chipboard, natural wood, these materials are capable to transfer big loadings, the main thing — the correct design.

Durability and reliability of a curbstone do not exclude the esthetic moment. The support has to look harmoniously and not to look handicraft creation of the armless genius.

The ready framework should be improved, given it a decent look of an element of furniture. Options of such finishing there can be a set, but the most preferable is facing by panels laminated by a chipboard. As a last resort, it is possible to use and usual a chipboard, but such option will demand the subsequent finishing — painting. pasting by a film, etc.

It is necessary to consider possibility of hit of water on a cover surface.