How To Making A Bed With Limited Tools

How to make a plywood desk with ecosa

One of possible options — to put it in an aperture between a wall and a case, a wall and a bed. Usually these 80 - 100 cm remain blank, and their rational use can be complicated.

Two leaning-back parts are attached to a bedside table cover on hinges. Their total area is equal to the area of a cover. Thus, the product turns into a convenient little table on which with ease both fabric, and necessary improvised subjects will be located. In order that the leaning-back parts kept in horizontal situation, they keep within on mobile metal or wooden support.

It is possible to solve this problem, having created for the machine a workplace in the form of a small bedside table. Its sizes have to correspond, first, to dimensions of the sewing machine and, secondly, scales of that niche (or a corner, a free interval between furniture in the room) where you are going to place a design.