How To Make Swing From Scratch Time

Laminate flooring bookshelves with plywood

I screwed on one konfirmat from lateral faces and 2 konfirmat from a back wall. Thanks to such installation of the shelf the curbstone became even more rigid.

Accurately it is also precisely exposed our panel on a curbstone, checking a ruler all sizes. To fix it in such situation there is nothing, even clamps will not help. I arrived more simply, simply sat down on a curbstone, thus the stoleshka did not slide, checked again all sizes and started zasverlivat. At first zasverlit 2 openings, screwed konfirmata, rechecked again and zasverlit the remained openings. The main thing not to hurry, it is a lot of time, the hands I spent for production of such curbstone hour 4. The error turned out only couple of millimeters, approximately it is not noticeable, characteristics and durability of a curbstone too does not influence.

Many people try to invent any nonsense and sometimes fasten on plastic and metal uglolka. FORGET about plastic and metal corners, they I do not stiffen a design, your curbstone with an aquarium will collapse if not at once, soon. Even if the curbstone collected on corners will be strong and strong, at it will never be high rigidity, it will have mobility, unsteadiness which will only increase over time.

If you do not accept also such option, there is an alternative method of assembly, you can make a curbstone on eccentric couplers and shkant, it is more labor-consuming, but on the termination on external walls otstutstvut traces of any fastenings and other, the esthetic look is much better than at a fastening on konfirmata.

One ready section of a curbstone on which our aquarium will be located.