How To Make Swing From A Single 2х4

Woodworking how to use a jigsaw I quit my job to choose and use a jig saw

Independent production of a bed provides performance of various models of furniture. Here it is necessary to consider age of the child, his preference, the sizes of a children's bedroom. For example, it is possible to execute a two-storeyed bed for two children. You will easily find a photo and drawings of such models on Internet open spaces.

The bed has to be executed only from an integral tree. It can provide the necessary durability and durability. We pay attention to processing of corners and safety of all surfaces. If necessary we smooth out guards on all surface.

On video: review of a crib. Important points, constructive decisions useful to cunning.

Make the drawing of a bed, having counted and having specified the exact sizes of details. Make the list of all details and materials for them.

That the sizes of a mattress and bed coincided, it is better to buy at first a mattress, and only after that to start drawings of a bed.

From tools the drill, an electrofret saw and the Bulgarian will be necessary. Also it is necessary to get a piece of an emery paper for processing of corners and cuts.

Then we start purchase of materials. It will be necessary for us: