How To Make Straight Rip Cuts With Lid

Woodworking how to build a porch swing frame

- IN ADDITION: In case you want to remove deep scratches and chips on a product, you will need filling (it is best of all automobile) and a primer

Shag_4 If the case was painted before, you can or paint it over an old paint coat, or peel the old paint completely. For this purpose use a small emery paper or the special grinding machine. It is also possible to use special chemical removers for removal of an old paint and varnish covering.

Shag_2 For receiving a qualitative covering before we paint it is necessary to remove dust and dirt carefully. Wash a case soap and warm water then wait for full drying.

Shag_5 IN ADDITION: Alignment. In case on a surface of your case there are deep scratches or cracks, you can move away them by means of filling and special rubber pallets. It is best of all to use an automobile primer - as a rule, it is a primer of appropriate quality and it well is suitable for dense wooden surfaces. Upon termination of a shpatlevaniye to a zashkurta the processed surfaces then do not forget to remove dust and the remains of filling with a damp rag.

- an aerosol acrylic varnish, glossy or opaque - for final finishing

- aerosol acrylic enamel in enough            (as a rule, full coloring in 2 layers requires not less than 3-4 cylinders)