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If the massif of a tree, what tree, what covering under oil — more data are necessary.

How it is more correct to apply these materials? My thought such: At first to soak 2-3 days in oil, then to allow to dry 1-2 weeks, then to process mastic from a karnaub (made of 2 parts of tung oil and 1 part of a karnaub)

Made a handle of a kitchen knife of a beech and now I want it to process. There is a tung oil and karnaubsky wax.

It is possible, it is one of ways. But sense not only in the depth of impregnation (that it is possible to accelerate, say, heating), and in polymerization of oils. This process under natural conditions takes a long time. With addition of sikkativ business goes quicker.

I want to process a larch which is a protection of the pond (operating). Whether it is possible to make it oil and if that is possible what? And how?

The second option — to take a grinding mashika and completely to remove everything. A lot of nazhdachka and time as it will be quickly hammered will leave. But the result will be.

Karnaubsky wax is used for finishing processing (as forms glossy film on a surface) so its application at the end of process is justified.

If oil was polymerized, it will be difficult. In the theory polymer is dissolved by organic solvents. So it is possible to try to process organic solvent.

If chipboards, sikkativa from oil provzaimodeystvovat with the phenolformaldehyde pitches fastening shavings and gave a smell.