How To Make A Desk With Rob Cosman

Build a platform bed with ecosa 5 woodworking joints for pre

The father has clever fingers, made such bed the car to the son!

The author of a self-made bed of the car — Alexey Neplyuev.

We begin with sawing of sheets chipboards, the author first of all cut out preparations of future bed.

The beginning of assembly of a bed, did it is fixed on metal corners and screws.

Children's bed the car the hands, step-by-step production with a photo and drawings of a bed of the car.

So, how to make a bed the car the hands? First of all it is necessary to decide on the bed sizes proceeding from the mattress sizes.

Wheels are made as follows, under an automobile cap the ring is cut out from a chipboard, then the ring fastens screws to the cut-out circle, so four wheels were made.

Bed sidewall, on an end face we paste a furniture tape.