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Each type of wood differs in the features in production of furniture and its application.

The massif of an ash-tree is a little firmer than the oak. But besides, the ash-tree possesses bigger flexibility and elasticity, than an oak. Therefore do carved and bent furniture of an ash-tree. Also this wood goes for production of a facing interline interval. Wood of an ash-tree possesses various golden shades.

Solid wood such breeds of trees possess: maple, elm, oak, birch, beech, mountain ash, ash-tree, apple-tree, walnut, plane tree, ilm. Also there are trees with very solid wood: box, cornel, yew, pistachio tree, white acacia. Do children's furniture, cases, beds of such breeds of a tree.

One more material which is used most often for production of furniture — is the massif of a birch. Such wood possesses good crash-worthiness and durability. On hardness degree the birch is similar to an oak, but not such durable. The beauty of equal fibers of wood can be compared only to an oak or a beech but only if in it there are no knots.