How To Make A DIY Workbench With Drawers

Cheap moving boxes for a porch swing How to make a DIY workbench with fingerprint lock

Use a 12-millimetric mill with the ascending spiral to choose deepening of 57x305x406 mm in size for the mechanism of a vice. Rearrange as required the scrap supporting a milling cutter.

Thin round rasp process all openings, except the first. Do not come for parallel lines that details were joined densely.

From scraps collect a frame which will limit a zone of movement of a milling cutter at selection of deepening in the lower overlay of D for a forward vice (a photo of N).

Put on tips of N, on crests and fix I 12-millimetric shkant from solid wood, driving in them into openings without use of glue. Saw off the acting ends of shkant level with the top and lower sides of tips.

7. Attach the assembled K/L block together with the mechanism of a back vice into place, following indications of the instruction. Close heads of bolts traffic jams caps and install the regular handle lever.

Working so, we hid heads of bolts under traffic jams caps, but did not leave them on a look.

Drill in the opening block, having marked them on a template which was used earlier, having arranged it so that the left end face of the block was leveled with the left edge of a cover.

Short council! To facilitate installation of tips, take shkant of the increased length and make on their ends of narrowing.

Precisely combine block K openings with openings of a slip of L. Not to spend a lot of time for removal of surplus of glue, put it with evenly thin layer.

2. Cut the block J for a mobile sponge of a forward vice.

3. Otfrezeruyte along end faces of a mobile sponge J roundings off with a ledge also attach a forward vice to a cover, following indications of the instruction (a photo of I). Install into place the regular handle lever.

Having pressed a slip clamps to the block, plan on it the centers of openings a 10-millimetric drill through block openings. Then drill in noted points of an opening with a diameter of 16 mm. Note.

Paste an overlay of L to the block K (J photo) and carefully remove all squeezed-out glue from openings for a verstachny emphasis.