How To Build And Finish A Desk Top

Remodeling a bathroom for small space

Installation of pins has to be carried out in chessboard order therefore you should have openings not on each crossing of lines, and through one. On the other side of whetstone openings are also carried out. They have to settle down in chessboard order in relation to openings which were executed earlier. As a result at connection of legs with a seat couple of pins will fall on each level.

When assembly of a design is complete, execute polishing of all details. Their surface has to be the most smooth. After that it is possible to put a finishing covering. Use the varnishing structure or the paint for wood intended for external works for these purposes. It is better if the finishing covering is translucent. Thus you will be able to leave visible a natural pattern of a tree.

After that boards of a seat are beaten to these legs by nails (from above) or you can execute bayonet connection in this place.

The bench due to presence of a back has more convenient design, than a bench. On it it is possible to lean and relax a back. Spaciousness of such products can be different, but usually drawings of garden benches from a tree the hands are formed on 2-4 persons. It becomes for the reason that the long design needs installation of an additional support. As a result process of creation of a product becomes complicated. Actually it is enough space on 2-4 persons therefore it is possible to be limited to production of the elementary designs.

Metal garden benches the hands: drawings and photo of designs. The detailed description of technological process of creation of a convenient design on the basis of a profile pipe. Drawing of a transforming bench.