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Step 5. Basic details connect the lower crossbeam.

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Pay attention! The heavier and massivny the bench, the is more difficult to drag off it from a site to fans of an easy money.

Let's consider an operations procedure at creation of a wooden garden bench. Process of assembly of a usual product, without difficult decorative elements will be described.

Step 10. For creation of stationary wooden benches it is possible to use the same technological sequence, it is only necessary to add stages of digging of deepenings and filling to the concrete bases of wooden or metal support.

Step 9. The ground product is covered with several (not less than 2) paint coats. It is necessary to wait for full drying of the first layer before putting the following. Sometimes make the interlaminar polishing increasing smoothness and accuracy of a surface. Special requirements for quantity of layers are not present, it is accepted to be guided by appearance of a product.

Step 1. Being guided by data of the drawing from boards preparations are cut.

Step 3. Slanting sites from support of a back and the lower cross-pieces are cut off.

Wood has to be dried qualitatively up to standard humidity.

Such benches are operated in more sparing conditions, are not affected by rainfall, test mechanical loadings less. However, continuous movement of products demands efforts, and storage requires specially taken away place, it is desirable — indoors. Sometimes do at the same time both stationary, and figurative benches. The first form basic option of a corner of rest, the second are used at need emergence — a large number of guests, carrying out actions, other situations.