How To Build An A Frame For A Mudroom

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Owners of country houses and dachas need to have always near at hand a good set of joiner's tools as in economy in any way not to do without it. Today the construction market is presented by a huge choice of tools, but it is necessary to buy not a useless and beautiful fake, and professional and high-quality adaptations. In addition, all joiner's sets have to consist of a necessary minimum of accessories thanks to which any work with a tree will become fast and easy.

The kiyanka which resembles a hammer superficially is used in work also, but is made of a tree. It provides blow to wood without its possible damages. In addition, also carry to percussion instruments a doboynik (it is intended for a zabivaniye of hats of nails), an axe (its butt acts as shock part) and tesla (one of kinds of an axe used for an obtesyvaniye of boards).

By means of an axe with which toporishche it is placed at an angle to 100 degrees and more, carry out usually rough types of works and at construction of a bath or houses from logs.

Clamps. They are intended for fixing of preparations in one situation and are often used during pasting of separate parts of a detail. Clamps produce from metal, a tree and plastic, but the first option is considered stronger and reliable.

Safety of works and availability of joiner's accessories also is important. For this purpose all tools have to be placed on racks or shelves in a certain order.

The set of the joiner represents a complete set which consists of the huge range of various tools intended for production of hand-made articles from the massif and high-quality processing of a tree. Correctly to organize work of a joiner's workshop, it is necessary not only to get the minimum tool kit, but also to have well equipped corner.

Vice. This is one of important joiner's tools without whom it is impossible to carry out a raspilka of long and small preparations. Thus it is impossible to buy any yews, they have to be joiner's. Such models have the design consisting of two flat plates and whetstones.