How To Build A Wooden Chairs For Small Space

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For toothbrushes and paste, creams, hairbrushes and other trifles of rather small module from several shelves which will be covered with oar doors. Such design quite often is called as a case, thus it can be combined with a mirror, having hung up it on a shutter, inside or outside. However, if shelves are made of glass, doors can be made sliding, completely of mirrors. But, first of all, it is necessary to make the case case, and for this purpose boards or narrow strips of MDF or DVP will be necessary for you. We mark length of sidewalls, and also the lower and top panels.

The simplest option – suspended, and if sidewalls are narrow, can be made them the hands even of usual cut struganny boards. Also for this purpose MDF and DVP will be suitable, these materials rather dense, there are also special moisture resistant panels. However it is useful to get impregnation in advance for wood which will fill a time and will become an additional factor that the locker was reliable.

Now it is necessary to prepare regiments for what in their end faces holes under screws are drilled, thus the drill has to be thinner than diameter of the self-tapping screw. As krepezhy it is possible to use also shkant, but in large-size furniture it will be less reliable. Having collected a case for a bathroom and having fastened the hands of the shelf (which in offices can be removable, laid on the shkant inserted into deaf openings), it is a high time to think of a back wall and doors. As for the back party, it can be made of plywood or the thin sheet MDF. We fix on small screws or thin furniture carnations, it is also possible to use brackets.

First of all, it is necessary to define a place where there will be a self-made subject of furniture. Here opportunities are quite limited, it can be put on a floor or to suspend on a wall. As a last resort, if in a bathroom there is a window opening, and it for any reason is not necessary to you, in it it is quite possible to make regiments if, of course, this window goes outside not, and to the neighboring room.