How To Build A Wooden Chairs For Beginners 04

Routers for a mudroom

Generally such means protect timber in the course of their storage, drying and transportation and their service life is calculated on 6 months. For example, such preparation is let out by the company of Senezh – Imperatrice.

Let's note separately also antiseptics for temporary protection which too remarkably are suitable for processing of rafters. Such do not paint wood, but thus deeply get into it and do not form a continuous film.

As you know, there is a special sphere of construction where the applied wood is in the internal room, open-air is a roof.

If wood is already struck, it is necessary to use at first special structures which cause a chemical burn in a fungus. But consider that some of such bleaches in itself are strong oxidizers, and it leads to fast corrosion of nails of self-tapping screws.

And, on the contrary, it is impossible to use as internal impregnation of antiseptics for an external covering. The matter is that indoors, in the warm and protected conditions, wooden surfaces do not experience such rigid climatic and operational strain as open-air, and therefore keep the properties much more long. Having moved this wooden element on the street, long it protected does not remain.

Also pay attention to color of wood: when she is surprised, is painted by a drevorazrushayushchy fungus. Such part should be bleached at first, and only then to put a sheeting. Bleaching is also useful for that thanks to it the decay disguised under a fungus reveals, it is important to wash out only after the end of bleaching wood water.