How To Build A Wooden Box With Plywood

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We try on the received frame to a plywood leaf, we cut out by the size. In plywood and a board previously we drill openings, and we will put self-tapping screws later — already on the mounted frame. Diameter of a drill is at 1-2 mm less than diameter of self-tapping screws.

Having prepared the demanded quantity of plates we beat steps. For this project two different lengths — 400 mm for that part where there will be steps and 486 mm for that where regiments are required. The top step becomes continuous, its length of 962 mm. In a middle part self-tapping screws it is twisted from below, at an angle (not less than 3 pieces on each step), from end faces it is possible to twirl simply through a board.

On extreme bowstrings we cut out folds. They are necessary for fixing of a ladder to a bed framework.

Through each 25 cm we mark places for installation of steps. If to consider the degree thickness (5 cm), the planned step to 30 cm will turn out. At a marking we keep the same bias, as on saw cuts therefore it is more convenient to do it having put bowstrings.

We fix at first strips to steps. They serve as an emphasis. Then to them on glue it is mounted back walls of shelves.

This option is made of a tree and plywood. The following materials are used:

Now business in polishing. Take a shlifmashinka and a lot of emery paper and achieve a smooth surface. Having cleaned dust, paint over at desire wood stain, and from above — two varnish coats (it is possible on a water basis, it does not stink). We chose the bleaching structure — the construction not so massive seems so.

We put a ready design on a place and we fix to racks.

From a board of 50*150 mm it is cut three bowstrings for ladders — two well, one is longer (for this option of 1*1900 mm, 2*1462 mm). For creation of the demanded inclination we cut face parts.