How To Build A Strong DIY Swing Set From A

5 tools to build

In good boards for production of a flooring wood fibers are usually located parallel to a surface of a board or at an angle to a surface to 45 ° (rice, 2). Timber with a cross arrangement of wood fibers to a surface of a board represents a low grade of construction wood.

At a choice of preparations track that in them there were no longitudinal and cross cracks, stratification and splits of wood.

(FIG. 2). To saw off at an angle the long party of a board, the firm hand and an exact eye are necessary. But the small cunning used sometimes by cabinetmakers will help to master this operation by all.

The stuck together details connect screws, and openings in details cover with hard putty.

Also try to avoid purchase of timber which is jarred on, bent or twisted.

Otherwise edges of a board will rise at a buckling, and it will accumulate even more water that will lead to wood rotting.

Good timber has less knots and smaller probability of a buckling.

Construction wood is freshen or dried up. The timber dried in special furnaces is much more expensive fresh, and the wooden design made by you will dry out on the street in itself over time.

At production of a flooring try to stack boards up that party that is closer to tree bark.

(FIG. 5). If you have to do a rectangular framework, be not too lazy and make the simple adaptation for this work.

Suppliers saw each log so that to receive from it the maximum quantity of boards or bars which quite strongly differ on quality.

(FIG. 4). That whetstone which end is sawn off at an angle, did not slide on an emphasis, resourceful masters paste an emery paper on a basic surface.