How To Build A Smart Chair Combination With Bed

Make a wooden safe to make an outdoor sofa 5 tools to use an electric planer

Cool and very unusually one more option of a basket with leverets looks, and material you can take any, though cotton fabric, though felt and even any unnecessary rags.

It is necessary to decorate them, add them a nose, a mouth and eyes, embroider with strings of a mouline thread these parts of a body.

7. Begin directly assembly of all details, sew a secret seam.

If you the fan of any decorative features, and especially like to behave in a queer way from house make-shifts, I suggest you to look at this charming story. You will be able to make such charming big a small egg already today in the form of a handbag where place the presents.

Very much looked for the description to this model, but unfortunately did not find at whom if is share).

To create such exclusive gift it is necessary to plan first of all correctly a pattern, it can look approximately so.

And now there is no basis only, take two detours, enclose a cardboard.

Then give to ears originality and a certain playfulness, pull together them with a thread accurately and without hurrying.

Or here such take, here in general and it is not necessary to paint.

Let's begin perhaps with the most primitive and usual form. Take this sample, unpack it and paint, somehow. Where bend dashed lines, and then stick together.

And then connect hares and a support among themselves, sew a short skirt assembly. It turns out very nicely and attractively.

After stitch or will stitch manually, clean all unnecessary.

Now we will make a formochka for a krashenok in the form of a zaychishka muzzle.

I too have a detailed description and the scheme of this illustration in a kopilochka for whom it is necessary address.

The following option will be more interesting, already with a small plot.

And in the conclusion this charming miracle which too is unreal the beautiful.