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The architectural project is prepared by the architect. After the designer gets to work. In parallel the engineer carries out projects of heating, water supply, ventilation and the sewerage.

If decide to build the house without supporting documents, that is risk to pay a heavy fine.

The architectural and construction project of the house includes architectural and constructive speak rapidly. The engineering project consists of the description of system of water supply and the sewerage, heating and ventilation, electric equipment, and also low-current systems (a telephony, the Internet and television).

In fact, it is a package of documents according to which all necessary works on construction, control of architectural and construction quality, and also behind a consumption of constructive and finishing materials will be carried out. It consists of two parts: architectural and construction and engineering.

Without having the project of the house it is possible to build, but only in that case when it is temporary construction. If to build the house with a reserve for the period of operation of 15 — 50 years, the project it is necessary surely. It will allow to avoid different interpretations at construction. Everything is considered, communications are not forgotten, the electrician is spent correctly with calculation of loads of conducting. The project finally gives a guarantee of that the house will be the reliable and functional dwelling.

This part of the project includes all schemes which concern heating, supply with water, ventilation, branch of sewer drains, the specification on materials and products. In the project plans of floors are displayed, on each of which the plan of laying of all pipelines of both cold, and hot water supply of future house, and also system of a proleganiye of pipes of heating and the sewerage is specified.

In addition all necessary instructions and recommendations about installation of all sanitary equipment register in the engineering project. Calculation of power construction terms is made, distributings of the power and lighting power supply network are shown. In the project information on systems of grounding and lightning protection is also displayed.