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Diy home library with a lid

Using here such adaptation, it is possible to drill openings and to hide fixture on internal surfaces of details of a bench that hats of self-tapping screws did not spoil a type of a product. But if you do not have it, all of you can equally make such bench, fixing details in the usual way.

If you the admirer of the simple, elegant and checked by time decisions, this bench precisely is pleasant to you. It is simple, and in it there is nothing superfluous.

And then by means of clamps and templates of a detail are re-stuck in chessboard order.

It becomes very simply though some special adaptations are for this purpose necessary. At first all elements are cut.

Cutting details, it is important to sustain precisely corners, differently the shop will not only look inaccurately, but also to be unsteady.

Then legs are fastened with longitudinal bars (two above and one below), and the strong massive frame turns out.

Clamps it is required much, including a little big therefore this project will suit only who has an impressive set of joiner's tools.

It is necessary only to collect top and to attach it to a frame.

Now you have a mass of ideas as it is possible to issue a bench at itself at dacha. Each of these projects is rather simple. Thus each of options of a bench is in own way attractive.

It is almost always better to trim benches from a natural tree with transparent varnishes and paints. The natural beauty of a tree gives to these products special charm.

It is not difficult to construct it too at all. At first it is necessary to make here such legs.

All roughnesses and slightly acting parts of details need to be cleaned the grinding machine that the smooth surface which then should be finished turned out.