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Now we pass to process of production of a door. At me 2 laid on loops of GTV with the closer were just overlooked, for everyone gave 1.5 dollars. The cup size under a loop of 35 mm. By the way about loops, they happen laid on, supplementary and semi-laid on, search to pick up that that to you is necessary for a yuzayta.

You should not forget that the bedside table has to face installation of an aquarium not simply steadily, but also to be adjusted on level.

I decided to begin with installation of the handle on a bedside table door. I decided to recede from the upper edge of 6 cm, sideways 5 cm, but already I see that the handle asks above, I think 5kh5sm would be ideal option. We mark the second opening below at distance equal interaxal distance of the handle, it can be asked the seller or to measure by a ruler. As always at first drilled openings a thin drill, and already then a drill on 5 mm, since the size of screws on the M4 handle.

Remembered one more method which helps out in similar situations, we use a bilateral adhesive tape precisely to expose a table-top on a curbstone if she does not manage to be fixed anything. After after made openings we delete an adhesive tape and we roll konfirmata.

The truth I still paid 4 dollars to the taxi driver to get material from factory home.

Legs are fixed on screws, it is possible to overturn and put on a constant place.