Fine Woodworking With Ecosa

Woodworking ideas for beginning woodworkers

This balcony case perfectly will be suitable for the narrow room, or for that option when it is necessary to make a window sill very wide, for example, in case is planned to be engaged in cultivation of window plants, and for their installation it is necessary to prepare enough place. The top part of a case is expanded at the expense of window sill width, and it can be closed by a continuous wall.

In spite of the fact that offices of a case differ with the height, it is rather capacious, and it can be used for storage of preparations for the winter, well and, of course, other things to which there was no place in boxes and curbstones in the apartment. If the balcony is completely sheathed by wooden lining, the case will ideally fit into a room interior.

To mount doors for a sliding wardrobe independently? Difficult, but it is quite possible!

One more model of a case which can be made completely of the plastic panels fixed on the wooden framework mounted from a bar. The product is divided into the top and lower part which have own sliding doors.