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Choosing pilot hole size for small space 7 tips for small space

The workplace of the needlewoman is convenience, an order and beauty. The balcony niche, a kitchen table or the built-in case all this will be a place for sewing and needlework if to find the necessary ideas.

If she most participates seriously in purchase of furniture and creation of own creative space, then the hobby will precisely bring to it only joyful moments.

Otherwise will uncomfortablly work with it that on a root will ruin inspiration and creative flight.

Except purchased racks, lockers and boxes it is possible to adapt for materials:

Despite possible hostility to office furniture as to attribute of a five-day week so unloved creative people, it is necessary to consider that it is developed for long and painless sitting on one place therefore and it is worth concentrating the choice on it.

When the place is chosen, it is time to start the organization. It was convenient to work, it is necessary to concentrate on three components of a workplace of the needlewoman, namely:

that this space was rather lonely that it was possible to concentrate, concentrate on the thoughts. For this purpose it is not necessary big space, also the small balcony, of course if it warm, well lit, cozy and comfortable will approach.

For myself I found, and I want to share with you ideas and the decisions.

And you realize that if everything lay near at hand, you could do favorite thing in any free time.

Each person needs space for work or for creativity and,

The matter is that the idyllic picture when the woman it is weakened settled down in a rocking-chair and the infinite scarf knits or embroiders a never-ending still life, it is possible to see just in the children's book. Without wide and long table, convenient office chair and uncountable series of lockers the workshop cannot be presented to realities.

It can be a window sill, a kitchen table-top or a computer table, along one wall or angular — the main thing that the surface has to be wide and smooth.