Diy Projects For Beginning Woodworkers

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Today, materials for protection of wood became much more perfect, are developed in laboratories where optimum protective structures are created, and made in industrial conditions with observance of production standards.

When processing, it is recommended to put funds for all bearing wooden components, a framework of walls, roofs, a socle, etc. At a choice antiseptics pay attention to its mission. Many producers let out separate means for processing of a roof, walls, basements with the high level of humidity, contact with soil or water.

Means of fire-prevention processing are made on the basis of the components forming a nonflammable film on a wood surface. Thus, at contact with high temperatures or naked flame first of all the film collapses, and wood a long time remains the untouched.

It is possible to solve these problems, having executed processing of the bearing framework and other wooden elements by the special structures preventing rotting and increasing resistance to influence of temperatures.

Selection of means is made, proceeding from service conditions and features of object.

Its long heating is sufficient for spontaneous ignition of wood at a temperature of 350-400C that can occur on the sites contacting to flues. Use fire-prevention means of processing increases endurance of wood and excludes possibility of ignition.

As practice shows, the struganny bar processed by a qualitative protectant keeps resistance to ignition within 7-10 minutes of continuous contact with a flame. It is enough this time to leave the building or to extinguish local ignition. Even after wood starts smoldering, process of destruction is substantially slowed down that gives the chance quickly to repair object after fire localization.