Diy Platform Bed With Free Model And Cutlist

Bed side table with minimal tools Lift top coffee table with a jigsaw

Now you know how to make a kitchen table the hands of a tree. Our instructions with a photo and video have to help you in this case. But it is important to decide on the correct sizes of future product.

Attach legs. For this purpose at first from a reverse side of a table-top the marking a simple pencil becomes. From edge of a leg place, as a rule, on 100 mm.

On a note! Wide tables create not conveniences for sitting, and narrow it is difficult to serve.

Now pass to tamping of the edging. But before this process end faces should be covered with silicone sealant. Sealant is put both in the edging and on the top side of a table-top. The rubber kiyanka is used for stuffing of the edging. Then excess sealant simply is removed.

Using, the electro fret saw is given to a table-top the form. The file is used with reversive teeths. In other case can there will be chips at a covering from plastic. For a start the corner of a chipboard is cut off a fret saw. But thus leave a stock in 2 mm. Then the final form is given by the grinding machine.

In that option which will be offered here legs will be shining and chromeplated. Legs bars will have diameter of 60 mm. And the table-top will be from snow-white LDSP which thickness will be 36 mm. To it the T-shaped rope from white plastic with grasps will be picked up.

The kitchen table has to pay off on a concrete number of people. It has to correspond to number of residents in the house or the apartment. Also it should be added couple of places for possible guests. And if the big company, here ideal option gathers in your house — it is a folding design.

Oval models too are convenient and beautiful. But such tables cannot differ in huge spaciousness. Even the biggest product will be able to accomodate only 8 persons. And still such designs will require capacious kitchen.

Let's talk in more detail how most to make a kitchen table the hands. Apply a marking which has to correspond to the drawing on material. On corners of a curve have to have a radius of 60 mm and more.