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We are convinced that the wedding photographer is not the stranger. We always personally meet each of our clients to recognize you closer and truly to transfer your emotions in such important day.

- I am engaged in retouching (elimination of defects, smoothing of skin, etc.).

I hold consultations for the beginning amateur photographers: photo bases, control of the image "to a photoshop", methods of possession of light.

We consider that the wedding photo has to be emotional, sensual and stylish that many years later, looking at pictures, again to have those feelings which worried this special day.

If you agree with us, we will be glad to get acquainted closer!

The cheerful charming leader, music, live vocal, son of lumiere, services of the photographer and the video operator - all this will make your holiday bright and memorable!

Any celebration is a responsible and pleasant moment for everyone.

I offer services of the photographer. Experience - 7 years. My strengths - ability to work with any models (even if you do not know "how to rise", "where to put hands", "where to look" and so on - I will prompt everything and I will help); careful approach to a retouch; efficiency and obligation.

The average cost of services is specified. Special offers work.