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15 inspiring pallet ideas for small space Make a wooden safe to woodworking machines

In furniture design often apply decorative finishing of table-tops by means of face saw cuts of small diameters. For example, from thick branches of a tree or on the contrary, thin trunks. At such finishing it is important to saw precisely preparation on saw cuts, identical on thickness. The master tells how it can be made the hands.

Connection of details nails among joiners is considered bad manners. But the master-samodelshchiku should know some receptions, after all very often to him it is necessary not only to create furniture, but also to perform work of the carpenter.

Repair of chairs, probably, the most frequent work of the joiner in restoration of furniture.

Some working methods of the joiner which can simplify and facilitate his work very much.

At construction of the house and arrangement of a site often there is a problem of filling of a concrete plate. Despite the seeming scale, this quite simple business.

Probably, there is no professional or the amateur master who does not use a so-called F-clamp in the work. The convenient adaptation, but it is possible to improve it the hands.

Materials, technologies, processing methods, layfkhak and there is a lot more useful information for the master-samodelshchika.

Each specialty, each field of activity has the specific terminology. Both professionals, and amateur master have to use the same definitions that does without detailed explanations. Let's consider the main terms in a stolyarka.

Councils and recommendations as to make something most, appeared long before our days. In old times there were recipes for the most various things which did not lose the value and till today.

In these notes the reader will meet a number of recommendations and processing methods which contradict with conventional in construction and described in manuals.